Monday, December 31, 2012

May 7th 2012

Hello one and all,

well first off thank you all so much for the happy birthday wishes! that was so nice of all of you! it made me feel really good thank you so much!

Well this week was a good week, elder Arboleda and i have been working really hard to be successful and we are learning a lot about pacientce! we are seeing a lot of different struggles here but are never down on ourselves! we know that the lord is on our side and that we will be successful! this week we had 3 baptisms that all fell through again on sunday morning before the baptismal service and it was a but hard to see happen, but there was a reason for it and something to be learned from it, you will never be more humble than on the mission! you try so hard to work and work and work and serve and serve and serve only to be let down at the last moment!

we have worked a lot this week and are ready for the 3 baptisms we ahve again this sunday! we are very excited again... we will keep working and keep your fingers crossed for us!

this week is mothers day!! and to all you mothers out there i wanted to wish you a....


Well we had a great birthday party this week with a family in the ward and here in Peru apparently there is a great tradition that they try and make a cake on your head by slamming eggs and sugar and flour and milk on your head and face! and being that we are missionaries and that the member here love this tradition with us gringos! i received a lot of destruction yesterday! i sent a few photos and we have some good video of what happened but the video is too long i cant send it! needless to say it was a good birthday! i love the poeple here they are the greatest!!!!

well i love you all and hope all is well! i miss you like crazy and wish you all the best!

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