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June 25th, 2012

Hola Como Estan Todos?!

Howdy everyone! well this week has been full of lots of exciting things and some others haha

Well My companion and i had an interesting week working with a few of the Rumors that are still going around about us, they are so very frustrating as a missionary! People are always judging you trying to find the bad and not seeing all the good that we are doing! We have had a week full of confrentations with a few members in the ward who are trying to destroy our desire to work here in the area. We know that we are not and have not done anything wrong and will keep working hard to advance the work here. Unfortunatly Satan has his many ways to combate the work and this time it is with rumors and bad taking the missionaries.

We had Transfers today and seeing that there hasnt been a missionary here in the area that has stayed longer than 3 transfers i was bags packed all ready for the new, waiting to go to an area where i could work hard from morning till night and see some results.... like all good comedy God knows better than to let me off the hook that easily and deceided i needed to learn something else here in Micaela BAstidas! thats right my comp and i are staying in our same area for 7 more weeks! we are done training and yet are staying together! i dont mind that i am going to be with Elder Arboleda for another 7 weeks we get along great!!! and we have never had anything close to a problem, but it is going to be a challenge staying in the area, i love the people and i love the members, we just need to keep pressing on with faith and hard work and i am sure everything will all work out!

Another fun thing that happened this week was that i was asked by president to be translater for a group of opthamologists who were going to be in town doing a free clinic for 2 days here in piura, since they are from utah and dont speak spanish they asked the mormon missionaries to get the job done! it was amazing being a translator!!!! i loved every single second of it! I met a lot of great people! Suprising to me i met a group or family named the Crittles, Richard and yoan crittle they are from cache valley utah!!! woot woot! go logan! i also met another young man they is 17 from logan that went to logan high school he was a service volunteer and we became good friends over the 2 days that we were there! his name is Jacob Hogan and i got all his information so that when i return we can hang out! I also met another great guy named Chris who is actually from day break utah and lives within minutes from my house and knows where i live too! cool huh! it was a fun few days translating and learning how to run all the equiptment and doing a bunch of eye exams! it was a great opportunity for me to learn more about one of the feilds i am thinking about persuing! (opthomolagy) which is just an eye surgeon!

I have been reading a lot and memorizing my patriarichal blessing and it talks a lot about my professional service and what it is that i should do with my life, i have been praying and pondering a lot about waht i would like to do with my life and as of so far 3 things really come to mind as things i would like to do or one of which i mean.. they are as followed but in no particular order...

firstly, this experiencde translating for all these doctors has been a great chance for me to learn all about eyes and being an eye doctor thats great because thats always been something that i was interested in and it is a very good job...

secondly i have been thinking in somehting new, being here in Peru i see sooooo much potential for international business and exportation! there is so much that can be done here to make a profit and also benifit the lives of so many poeple! i am finding new ways each and every day that i can find a way to use international business here...

Thirdly, and right now it is what i am leading most to is...... Neurosurgury!!! haha i know it sounds crazy but there is something that facinates me about the human brain and i have been thinking and praying alot about what would be a good job and i always come back to thinking about becoming a neurosurgeon! It takes a lot of studying and a lot of dedication but it also is a great job pays very well and i get to do something amazing, well if i deceide to do it and that would be saving lives! i dont know yet there are still so many possibilities that i could do i am just favoring that one for right now! we will see how things turn out in the future!!!

well this week the 29th Presidnet Rowely is coming into town and the 30th president chipman leaves with his wife and they finish their missions! it is so crazy to have a chane in mission presidnets! but i know that president Rowley has been called of God and will do great things here in the mission over the next 3 years! Tomrrow is the farewell for Preswident Chipman and its going to be a sad experience but its also going to be great to see how things change in the mission!

I will let you all know more about that change this next week when it really happens!

If you would like there is a song here that is actually evangelica but its has a good message about religion and things like that, you can try to find it! i love it personally... its called.. Aqui estoy yo by Jesus Adrain Romero

well i will write you all later in the afternoon and reply to your personal emails right now we have to go to meet with some members!

i love you all and hope to hear from you very soon!

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