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June 4, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Interesting week we had here in our area. First off i sent a lot of pictures of us doing some service! haha we had to strip paint of a much of metalic windows and doors!! we had to do it all with sand paper and was a pretty messy job but it did make for some good pictures! i hope you all enjoy them.

This week i started something new... its a book more like a scripture journal i have called... quien soy yo?... which means who am i. When i am reading the scriptures and i find a christ like attribute i like or a scripture that i like or would describe the person i want to be i write it all down and memorize the scripture... i have some like... proverbs 14:29, proverbs 21:23, proverbs 16:16, 1 corinthians 9:14 things like that! but one of my favorites comes from 1 corinthians 13:4-8 there ius a poem that comes from these verses that i really talks about charity.

Love is always pacient and kind,
it is never jealous,
Love is never boastful nor conseded,
it is never rude or selfish,
it does not take offense and is never resentful,
Love takes no pleasure in other people sins,
but delites in the truth
Love is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope and to endure.....whatever come.
True love never ends!

its a good set of scriptures...

We had enterveiws with the President this week and it was very good to have our last enterviews with him. He will be finishing his mission in less than a month and we will be receiving a new President, PResident Rowley from santiquin utah! I am going to miss President Chipman and all he did for me as a missionary. I have learned so much from him. He told me and my companion that out of the entire mission we are baptising the most! it felt so good to be able to know that the lord is happy with the work that we are doing. IN 7 weeks that my companion has as a missionary he has 6 baptisms... this was the first week we didnt ahve a baptism... but we have 2 next week and 2 the week after! keep us in your prayers!

we did have an unfortunate event happen this week, yesterday the buishop call us into his office and tol dus that there were rumors going around in the ward about us. This caught me by suprise and i was shocked at what he was about to say next. he told us that many of the members have been saying that we are corrupting the young mens organization, that we have fallen in love and done inappropriate things with the young women, have been inappropriate with the primary of the ward, and that we arent working and taking our calling as missionaries seriously! He told us that we are doing our jobs and that we need to change! i cant beleive the bishop accused me of being imappropriate with a child! i have never even picked a child up!!!!!!!!

I WAS SOOOOOOOO UPSET! i began to loose my pacients with the bishop! i wanted to klnow who was saying these horrible things and figure out what it was that they were saying them! apparently we have lost the support of the leaders of the ward, we figured out that it was the president of the young womens organization that started many of the rumors, she found out that apparently one of the oyung women has feelings for one of us and started these so taht we would get transfered out of the area!

out of the entire stake our ward has had the most baptisms and converts for 3 months straight and the bishop is going to make all these false claims at me! i was so hurt and so frustrated that i had to leave, my companion and i left to our room and knelt down to pray and plead pacients and help from the lord. i do not know what is to become of all these rumors but i am informing the president so that he knows that this is going on and we can get it worked out without any problems....

i realize that we have nothing to be ashamed of and no reason to get down, it just hurts to know that we are doing all we can to help and serve these people and they would say these things about us! as a missionary you come to love the people so much that to see this happen really is hard on a missionary and you do loose a bit of focus, because you feel so terrible. but i do know care what people think about me and my companion! i know the lord is proud of what we are doing here and we have never ever ever done anything to unbecome a missionary! we will continue to press forward with a firm faith in christ and do all we can here, at least for the time we have left!

well please keep us in your prayers for these things! i have an upsetting feeling like satan is really trying to stop the work we are doing and has been successful in hurting our ward, pray for them and pray for us! i hope lal this gets worked out!

love elder davis


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