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June 11, 2012

Hello Everyone,

first off....


Well i can not beleive it but my oldest brother finally tied the knot! And i must give a lot of credit to my new sister in law Kelsey who vowed to put up with him for time and all eternity! Heaven knows that aint to easy task! haha just kidding! i love you both so much and wish i could have been there, but there are other things i am currently doing that are some what of importantce as well. I know that you both will make an amazing couple and will be blessed with many happy and wonderful years! Saturday was a day full of reflection for me here in the mission, knowing that thousands of miles away that this wedding was taking place and that i am here. I congratulate you will all my heart and wish you all the best in the years to come, let they be long and joyful. here is a poem that i like that i shared a while ago but i thought it applied in this case as well... always remember these words and you will never have a bad day.

What is Love?

Love is always paciente and kind,
it is never jealous.
Love is never boastful nor conseded,
it is never rude or selfish.
Love does not take offense and is never resentful,
Love takes no pleasure in other peoples sins,
but delights in the truth.
It is always ready to Excuse, to Trust, and to Endure....whatever comes.

1 corinthians 13: 4-8

Again i wanted to tell you that i love you both and wish you all the best! Kelsey welcome to the family sis and i look forward to meeting you here in about 14 months! All i can hope for you now is that you make me an Uncle!!!!!!! hahahahaha get on it!

Well Friday we had a rough day, we met with a young man named Alexis Montero Coico who has been investigating the church for more than a year now. He has attended church more than we can count and still he is hesitant to be baptised. We have worked and worked and worked at helpping him recognize an answer to his prayers but to no avail. This friday was the do or die lesson with Alexis, there comes a time in the relationship with an investigator where you have to make the painful decision to focus your time else where if they arent progressing in the gospel. Firday we met with Alexis and finally got the root of his problem, he didnt understand fully the book of mormon and had not yet gained a testimony of its teachings! We spent a long time with him answering his questions and reading different passages with him to help more fully explain what it is that the book of mormon is and what it teaches us. At the end of it all we told him that we would give him a second to ponder what it is that he had read and understood from us and then to kneel down and offer up a prayer to our heavenly father to ask to know if it is true. He did so and i felt the spirit so so strongly that i was sure he had received his answer! when he finally spoke he told us that he didnt feel anything and he didnt think the church was true! i was shocked!!!! i didnt know what to do! i was sure he was going to receive an answer! we couldnt have done anymore. and with a broken heart and so much pain we had to let him know that he would need to continue his search without us, until he felt ready to really search honestly to know if it was true.....we pray for him everyday.

This week didnt end on a sour note though, we had the amazing baptism of a young man named Isaac Leonardo Garcia TImana! he is a young man who has been attending church for a few months! he was always very excited about the gospel and progressing very well. The problem with this situation was that his mother was a less active and was not interested yet in returning to the church! We worked and worked and worked with the family to try our best to rebuild the excitment they have for the gospel. It was an interesting experience because his aunt who is also less active but lives in the same house is deaf and mute, so i learned a bit of spanish sign language to communicate with her! its super fun! Yesterday we had the service of Isaac and it was the first time his mother has attended church in years! she bursted into tears and bore a powerful testimony during his baptism! not only are we being blessed with a baptism but we are also reactivating an entire family! it feels really good.

We are still working with a few of the nasty rumors that are going on about us, but we know that we arent doing anything wrong and we are working hard to prove that to one and all, but at the end of the day it doesnt matter to me, because i know my lord and savior is proud of me! I didnt ahve a run in with the president of the young womens organization the other day, we were speaking with her councilor in church and she came up and tried to tell us that we werent allowed to counsil with here organization without her, then she got angry because i ignored that comment and told me i was welcome to leave. and then promptly esscorted us out of the room in church.... you would be very happy to know that i kept my tounge and didnt say a single rude word! in fact i apologized for causing hard feelings and expressed that it wasnt my intention to do so. i think she felt a little dumb because she didnt know how to respond to that. But at least i can say i didnt react badly.... PROVERBS 13:29 and PROVERBS 21:23! thanks to these 2 scriptures! woot woot!

WEll another fun thing happened this week, President is having a going away partyish thing because he is finishing his mission the 26th of this month! We invited the 3 stakes that make up all of Piura! He asked me and 4 other elders to sing a special musical number in front of EVERYONE!!!! i am super nervous! haha i dont sing!!!! but i am very excited knowing the lord will provide and i hope it will be spiritually edifying! who knows... it is this friday at 7!! yikes!

well i think thats all that i ahve for you for the week if i have anything new to tell you i will write it down for the next week!

i am off to singing practice right now but will finish my internet time in the afternoon so if you want to send a response i will try and get a quick letter out to you in the afternoon!

i love you all and miss you all!

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