Monday, December 31, 2012

July 2, 2012

Hola Como Estan Todos!

Well this has been a rather uneventful week for us and its nice to take a bit of a break from all the drama and crazy experiences and just work work work!

My companion and i are together 7 more weeks and we are just fine with that! out of all my companions he is probably my favorite! we get along great and work well together! we are always joking around but teach so strongly with the spirit! i feel like we have great unity and thats what makes a companionship so strong..

We have a new mission president! We had the farewell of President Chipman this tuesday and got to take some pictures with him and sister chipman and i sent them to you! it was good to see how influencial he has been in so many young people lives here! missionaries and members and investigators alike! i hope all is well with him and will keep him in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

A funny story for this week, we were in zone meetings this week and they are starting a new thing taht each companionship makes a goal for how many baptisms they are going to have in the transfer... this was how the numbers went.... 2,3,2,2,2,3 and then it came to my companion and i....6!!!! haha they all thought we were crazy and my comp and i just laughed knowing that it is very possible to do! They asked us if we were serious and if we wanted to change our minds we just laughed and said oh ye of little faith!!!! my companion and i have deceided we are going to baptise 6 people or a family of 6 this transfer and are wokring harder than ever to do so! we know that if we put in our part and wokr hard and are obedient the lord will provide a way for us! we will see!!!!!

another great thing is that my pld President, President Chipman organized a mission reunion in salt lake for all the Returned missionaries from this mission and thier friends and family and all those who are currently serving, well thier friends and families too! so you are all invited to go and meet him and hear all about the mission!

july 14th
6:30 pm
yelcrest ward
1035 south 18th east
salt lake city!

hope you all have fun if you go! tell papi chipman i love him and miss him!

well i havent yet met President Rowely but i imagine he is a really good guy and going well to guide this mission in the direction the lord would have us go! so with time i am sure i will come to know him!

we went to a PERUVIAN KFC today with a bunch of my buddies! it was the first time i have had fast food in such a long time! and the greatest part about it was i didnt have to eat rice for once! haleluah!!!! haha i sent you all some pictures about that too! so i hope you enjoy them....

My comp and i are making plans so that i can come back to chiclayo with him when i return from the mission to visit and we are going to go visit our areas and go to the beaches and go dancing! haha gonna be fun!!!! well if i ever get the money to do sed activity! haha

well i love you all and i think thats about all i have for you this week!

love you lots!

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