Monday, December 31, 2012

May 14th 2012

Hello Everyone,

Well first off i wanted to wish all you moms out there a Happy Mothers Day and tell you all that i love you!

this week we had 2 great great great baptisms! one of which was very special to me! his name is Darwin inga i have been working with him for almost 3 months and bvefore he had passed for 5 sets of missionaries, he told me that he wasnt ready to be baptised and was confused between our church and the catholic church, all we could do was tell him to keep praying and to bare testimony, after hours and hours of visiting him, praying for him and helpping him overcome doubts he toldus that he had received his answer and he knew our church was true!

he told us that a voice spoke to him and told him.... why dont you get baptised in the true church of god?... and he knew that it was our church! it was such a spiritual experience and i loved every sencond of the baptism! when he left the water we went to change and he told me he could feel the sins leave him and then he hugged me and started to cry and told me that he prayed long and hard to find someone who could change his life and the lord sent me! i felt soooo overwhelmed that i could help make this impact on someones life and now he is preparing for the mission!!!!!!!!!!

i love this kid he means the world to me and it makes me feel so good to be able to have helped someone like that change his life and to come to know the truth it is a truely humbling experiemce to be a part of this work i know that it is true and there is nothing better to wake up every morning and put on the name badge and to know that every single day i represent my lord and savior jesus christ!

well i dont have a lot of time but i love you all and hope to hear from you all next week!

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