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July 9th, 2012


Hola Todos!

Well this week reading emails was emotional on many fronts!

First off,


Secondly, i would like you Dad to keep me the most updated on Grandpas situations! I will fast for him and keep him in each and every one of my prayers! Docotrs say terminal cancer and i say... for with God nothing shall be impossible unto you!... This is going to be a rough week for me concentrating in this work while this is going on back home, but i know that this is part of the lords plan for Grandpa and i am with him forever!

Many things have happened this week and i have learned so much from all the experiences i have had. First off we met our new Mission President, President Rowely and Hermana Rowley tuesday. They are great! although they are still learning spanish and getting used to the mission you can feel their immense spirit and we all know he has been given the keys to carry out the work in this part of the world! we will move forward, nobly and boldly with a firm faith in Chirst knowing we are behind our preisthood leaders!

I hope you all had a great independance day! my comp and i threw together a few videos that i hope made it out to all of you celebrating the 4th here in Piura! haha just another day in the mission feild!

Well we had a great baptism this week of our great friend Rosggy! he is cousins with the family that we live with. The family we live with is super catholic and although they treat us like sons, want nothing to do with the church! and havent for the 3 years missionaries have lived here! He although did listen and has pasted for many set of missionaries! He was never really sure about the church and when he left with his friends we were worried that he would fall away.... He began to read the book of mormon and we invited him to really read it. In his baptisms ( he was baptised by one of my best friends in the mission Elder Frame) he gave a powerful testimony of how he came to know the book of mormon and the church was true! he is older than 18 and solo made the decision to be baptised although his family doesnt support him and the family we live with can not know! haha he is going to be a great future missionary! i love this kid!!!!

Something i learned this week that really hit me was taught to me by one of our old investigatores that we had not visited in over a month! Rosa Jara is a 21 year old who when we met her had recently given birth with her boyfriend.... she lost the baby 28 days after he was born due to complications and she was destroyed, she would not accept us anymore, wasnt eating, wasnt sleeping, she was in great depression! We visited everyday and everyday she turned us away! This week we had an appointment fall through close to her house and we stopped to pray to find direction as to where we should go, we both felt to visit her and she accepted us right away! she is doing great and has said that the book of mormon and the pamphlet of the plan of salvation that we left with her is helpping so much! at the end of the lesson we invited her to pray, she did so and in her prayer is when i learned a great lesson! She thanked God for having had such a trail in her life, because she knew that it was to make her grow stronger and she thanked god for her progress! it made me stop and think about how strong she was to thank god for this!!!! thats crazy!!!! what love for her father in heaven! i have never thanked god for my trails i usually am upset about having them! i deceided to take a turn and change the way i think about trails and hard times in my life! i thought about ether 12 27 when the lord says he shows us our weaknesses to make them strengths unto us! i am truely thankful for all my trails now and i know it is because the lord wants me to progress and grow!

Last night we were asked by a less active family that i have never met before to give an urgent blessing of health.... we entered their house late last night before going home and found Brother Thomas Ruiz, he is an 83 year old brother who is failing of health, his family begged is to give him a blessing and my companion wanted to give the blessing and i was then asked to preform the uncion.... i placed my hands on his head and anointed his head with consegrated oil, as soon as i put my hands on his head i felt the lord tell me that it was his time to come home..... i was shocked!!!! i didnt know what to say or what to do!!! i paused and was silent for a while! i finished and then it was my companions turn to give the blessing. He gave the blessing and in part stopped for a good minute or so, we were waiting for him to say something and i looked over and found him looking at me...... he finished the blessing and we made a return appointment for tuesday to see how he is doing...
we left the home of the family and just looked at each other.... we rounded the corner and just stopped without saying anything to one another.... Like me my comp had heard the voice of the father calling brother thomas home, when he paused in the blessing he told me he was told to tell brother thomas that his father in heaven was calling him home.... i told him that i felt the same way and we were astonished that we both received this angelic manifestation! we kept borhter thomas in our prayers and are thinking about him constantly....we are not sure if he has gone to the other side, but we both felt last night that it was his time to return to the father..... we will see what is to happen with Brother Thomas, although he is is still fighting, it is only part of the lords plan of happiness, and thats how we should look at it, with happiness!!!! he is only to go to a better place to be greated by our savior and father in heaven!

well i love you all and hope to hear from you all this next week!


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