Wednesday, April 11, 2012


this week has flown by so fast it feels like just yesterday that i was writing you guys! crazy how time flys by when you are having fun and working hard! this week we had great baptisms!!! we are having so much success here and i am loving every second of it! The lord is blessing us so much and we are finding so many great people who are ready to hear this message that we share! its so amazing the miracles that we see everyday!

one cool experience that happened this week was that on tuesday i was inspired to buy emergencie candles for some reason, i didnt know why!!! haha but i did as the spirit told me and i bought them, thurday and friday we didnt have electricity at all! haha and the candles came is so handy! without them we couldnt have seen anything in our apartment past 6 pm... i was thinking about the promptings i receive from the spirit and reading my patriarichal blessing and i started to think about the story of the 10 birdemaids whom 5 of which had oil enough for emergencies and 5 of which were not prepared, we were talking about this story as a companionship and were glad to come to the conclusion that because we listened to the spirit we were those who were prepared! idk it was a cool spiritual experience.

we has service in the bannana and mango plantation or ¨chakra¨this week! it so amazing to go and work there! it so beautiful! its like all the tropical scenes right out of movies i love it!!! i took a lot of great pictures of the family we went with and my comp. we were picking and eating mangos right off the tree and they were soooooo gooooood! haha while my comp was eating one of the mangos he bit into it and broke off his entire front tooth! haha since saturday he hasnt had a front tooth and its such a crack up! we have been looking for a trustworthy dentist where we are but there arent a whole lot of options so i think this week we are going to travel to piura to get it fixed!

we had training with the president this week for 2 days and after the president came to work with us and visit our areas! my comp and i are the number 1 companionship for baptisms this transfer and the president wanted to see how we are working! we are so greatful to our father in heaven for blessing us with this success, the president told us he is really proud of the work we are doing and that there are great things instore for us soon! we are so excited to have time with the president we always learn so much from him!

well yesterday was a bad day for me and the wild dogs of zarumilla haha within a 10 minute period i was attacked 4 different times by 4 different dogs! haha i was only bit ttwice but it still kind of stunk, my comp as just laughing and laughing becasuse it was so strange that it happened so fast and so frequent! haha i dont know what i am supposed to learn from this experience but i will look hard to try and find something! ive been reading the book of mormon is spanish again! the 3rd time since the mission! im learning so much each and everytime i re read and really search the scriptures! its so great! i love it!!!!!

well i think thats all i have for this week i hope you are all doing great and that you have a great week!

love elder davis

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