Wednesday, April 11, 2012

email 4-9-2012

Dear Dad,

Well here they dont really celebrate Easter like they do in the United States.... Here the enitre week is called "la semana santa" which means the holy week and there are a lot of weird traditions but as missionaries we really dont pay a whole lot of attention to those things and all i know was that there was a huge festival!!!!

Miki sent me a picture of the brussles! haha i am super jealous! i love the food here but no one anywhere likes vegetables! i asked my pension to prepare raw brocoli and carrots and string beans and things like that and she asked me how! haha but i got it worked out and i am finally getting some veggies!!!! i love it!!!! haha

i love the allegory of the olive tree! it is such an amazing representation of the life of christ and the restauration and the second coming! i hope thats what you got out of it too! haha because thats what i got out of my study.....

Well today we had transfers! haha yesterday the president called me in for a personal interveiw and i didnt have any idea what for, when i got there it was a meeting to be a Trainer! haha im training a new elder and tomorrow i will find out who it is and all taht fun stuff! i am staying in my same area of Micaela Bastidas and my pension has skype to call home for mothers day so i think i will still be able to call and skype home for mothers day! should be exciting!

Brady is coming on over to lima huh! thats super cool! he is going to love it and i know that he is going to do great! tell him that he better get used to eating rice for every meal everyday for 2 years!!! and guenie pigs!!!! haha its crazy to think that when he will go into the MTC i will have a year in the mission!!!! how nuts!!!!! time has gone by so fast! its really sad....

MIKI SENT ME A PICTURE OF HER IN THE DRESS!!!!! holy cow i didnt think i would ever witness it! i tried so hard when i was there to make her girly and the moment that i left she went all girly on me! haha she told me about a few crushes and a few cute boys!!!!! i hope that you have been cleaning and taking good care of my guns! i think they are going to come in handy when i get back and while i am gone sounds like you might have to use them!

Well this week we had 2 baptisms.... one will be a deacon named Fransisco Nole, and ther other is his neice named Danna who is 10 years old! it was an amazing opportunity like always and the spirit is always so strong when we have baptisms! i love it and it makes me feel like i am doing well as an elder when we have them. like i am doing what the lord would have me do!

My favorite food hmmm.... well i love seviche which is raw fish and lime juice with onion and aji which is a hot pepper here! i dont know we eat rice and more rice and more rice so there isnt a whole lot more ot eat! haha all we do is eat rice! but hey i lost a ton of weight and i got a hold of a good work out program and so i have 4 out of a 6 pack! haha i love it! i think i will get the other two soon!!!! hahaahahahahah its a good time.....

you guys sent packages out for my birthday! thank you so much that is so nice of you i will be looking for them and keeping my eyes out for them! tomorrow i am sending mom a happy mothers day letter slash card thing with a few special pictures! i hope that it gets there in time!!!!

well i dont have a lot of time i love you and hope that you have a great week!

Elder Skyler Chaz Davis
Misiòn Perù Piura

3 Nefi 5:13

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