Wednesday, April 11, 2012

email 3_26_2012

Hey Dad,

well to answer a few of the 20 questions,,,

i am in an area named Micaela Bastidas, i am not training this transfer because my knee would not allow it but we will see what the futiure holds... my new comp is elder lazarte he is from bolivia and a interesting person at that! haha we have our moments but in the end we are doing great and working really well...

if i stay in the area i am in i think i will be able to skype but im not sure yet nothing is really certain yet...

well it sounds like everyone is doing great and i am sure i am going to like kelsey, i hear she is alright haha

well i have been working hard to get some baptisms in and we have baptised every week for a while now and i will be sendin you the pictures!!!!

i am glad that the car is getting repaired and that you are doing well in work you are alwaysi in my prayers and i am thinking about the fam!!!!

well if you ahve any questions i am always here to answer! haha

love you!

Elder Davis

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