Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4-9-12 email to everyone

Well Howdy Everyone!

Things are going great here in Peru! there isnt a ton to tell about but i will see what i can come up with! haha

This week we had 2 great baptisms! Fransisco is a young man that is 13 years old and will receive the preisthood on sunday! its a good feeling to see some receive the preisthood!! His dad is compeletly Catholic and didnt want him to be baptised, but his dad doesnt live with him and his mom in an amazing Investigator! in 2 days she read the entire Book of Mormon! she requested Doctrine and Covenants and is almost finished reading it! We have a lot of great investigators like her but the largest problem that we have here in Peru is that everyone is "conviviente" which basically means they call eachother husband and wife and live together for years and years and years but never get married legally and to be baptised you need to be legally married!!!! NO!!!! haha but in anycase Fransisco told his dad off and told him that he was going to be baptised and his dad respected the fact that he was making his own decisions and that he was doing things for himself and was baptised this saturday!

His neice is named Danna she is 9 years old and she from the begining has had a strong testimony in the church, but she is very picked on and doesnt have a strong support system from her family. Her mom is really judgmental and tells her all the time that she is a disobedient terrible kid, but thats just the custom of parenting here!!! i have learned the kind of parent i dont want to be and so i think i am learning from all the bad to do the good in the future! haha her mom was drilling her about why she wanted to be married and she was really quiet for a long time and her mom kept drilling her! after a moment we could tell something was building up inside her and she bursted! I WANT TO BE BAPTISED BECAUSE I AM A CHILD OF GOD!!! haha wow it was so powerful! we were all blown away and she started to cry and so did her mother and from that point we have seen a huge change in their relationship and they are growing together!

Yesterday the president called me in for a personal interveiw in the office! i was nervous thinking about all the things that i done, trying to think if i had broken the rules or something like that! when i got there he informed me that he would like me to train one of the 4 new missionaries coming to the mission this transfer and out of the 200 missionaries in the mission he had prayed and fasted and received revelation that i would be the one to train!!! wow all at once it was like my entire world had changed! haha he asked me what my first thoughts were, and all that i had to say was..."ummm i am going to be praying a lot for humility and i hope i can live up to what the lord would have me do!" he laughed and reassured me that i would be ok and that the lord had called me to this position!

After that we had a few hours of training so that we could focus all of our time in being the best missionaries and the best trainers that the we can be.... it was really exciting and really humbling all at the same time! i didnt think that i would train until the end of my mission because north americans dont usually train till the last 6 months of their mission until they are fluent and strong in the language and in their successes! haha wow i have a lot to live up to!!!!!!!!!

another thing to add on top of that the president wants me to be the District leader here in my zone! what!!!!!! haha i was thinking all about my time here in the mission and the things that i have done and hope to accomplish and i hope and pray that the lord will provide for me while i am undertaking these responsibilities... haha i dont know who i tricked or fooled but i know that there is something i am to learn from all this and i humbly hope i can help and serve my fellow missionaries to the best of my abilities!

Yesterday night when the president had told me all this and at the end of the training and the end of the day my companion and i shut off the lights and were ready to say our personal prayers and i just dropped to my knees and pleaded with the lord for help during these times that i can do all that he wants and that i can be the best leader that i can! my mind was racing all night and i didnt sleep well at all! haha i had all these ideas of things i want to do and accomplish and all these things that i know i need to better and it just felt like the entire world just got more serious as a missoinary! haha i am humbled excited and nervous all at the same time!!! There is a program that we need to study and teach with our new companions so tat we can help them dominate the doctorine in each and every moment so that we can tough the hearts of each and every person with whom we contact! all i ask is that you pray for me!!! haha i will need your prayers....

well tomorrow i will receive my new companion and i will start my first training!!!! ah!!!!! haha i dont know how to describe my emotions i know that the lord and that President Chipman are trusting in my i will just have to work the hardest and be the best i can to accomplish what it is the lord wants me to do and learn!!!!!

well i love you all and if there is something i forgot i will write it next week! i love you all!!!!

Elder Skyler Chaz Davis
Misiòn Perù Piura

3 Nefi 5:13

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