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email 2-27-2012

Hello Everyone,

Well this week has been full of some fun suprises, here in the mission there is never a shortage of adventure or excitment. Today we had transfers, and i am going to be training a new missionary these next few transfers depending on a few things that are going to happen rather shortly... let me explain... and mom when you read this please do not freak out.... i am in good hands and you do not need to worry or to call the mission or anything if we need to contact you we will! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well this all started about 2 weeks ago we were playing soccer as part of an activity during one of our Noche Misional, which is just a night where we as missionaries take the time to teach in the chapel and then have time to have activities and games and things like that. Our district leader had organized this activity to be a night of soccer where we would play out on the cancha, which is just a soccer feild. while we where playing i went knee to knee with another hermano in the ward and something popped in my knee. it instantly started swelling and i had some pain but it wasnt a lot so i just firgured that everything would be ok and that i would be better in a few days. i continued to work and do all as normal and as i should do, a few days latter i had the great luck of receiving another infected mesquito bite on the same knee cap that i had injured playing soccer.

at first i didnt recognize that anything was happening and that the bite was infected or that the injury underneath was really as bad as it was. all came to a crashing halt a few days latter when i woke up in the morning and my knee had inflamed and changed colors and was in a lot of pain. i looked at the bite and recognized all the same symptoms from the bite that i had received before , i called hermana chipman and she told me to take some antibiotics and taht if it didnt improve in three days that i would need to call her again to verfiy my progress and to see what was going on, i pushed through the pain and kept tracking and working for those 3 days and it seemed to get worse and worse and i couldnt figure out why the infection wasnt being helpped with the medicine and why there was so much pain all the time. this week as of monday i have only slept a total of 15 or so hours. friday was the third day the deadline to call hermana chipman if i wasnt improving, and i wasnt so what i did like any other missionary was call her.

She told me that i would need to send her a picture of my knees so that she could see the difference and make a decision, we took the photos and sent them... she called us and told me that i would have 1 hour to pack ALL of my things in my suitcases and be in the bus station to leave for piura for emergency treatment. i did as i was told and packed and left from my first area! it was so sad becasuse i had 2 baptisms the following day with my comp, but they were baptized yesterday and it still counts for our companionship and for GOD! haha well i packed up and left Zarumilla and had to travel 6 hours to piura ALONE!!!! it was so weird, it felt so weird not having a comp i didnt like it at all!! it was not right to travel alone but in cases of emergency hermana chipman told me i had to do so! haha

i got to piura and was greeted by the office elders and was taken to the office (this is saturday night) and right after we went to the emergency room because i couldnt walk because the infection was so advanced that it was taking over my knee! we went to the clinic and i was treated for the infection which basically all they did was cut my leg open and clean out some of the puss and blood. the doctor perscribed me some medicine and sent me on my way not thinking much of the infection, also he didnt examine the injury underneath from the soccer accident so i didnt get treated for that. i returned to the office and started my treatmen but the pain was not pain from an infection it is pain from something else, it is a deep pain in the muscule or something like that. i took all the pills and tried to get some sleep... i got 3 full amazing hours! haha

sunday i limped my way to the ward here and attended church, after all the meetings i received a call from my comp that our investigators had been baptized and that made my entire day! it didnt matter taht i was in an imense amount of pain and that i was on medical watch i had still had completed my job as a missionary and done the lords work and that can take away any pain! but after chruch i had an exam with President Chipman (he is a doctor and hermana chipman is a nurse!) we are ok with medical background! when we unwrapped the wound it had changed so much and was forcing out a ton of puss! i took pictures to send you all you are all going to love them... he was quite suprised and we forced out all we could get out of it and then cleaned it and wrapped it again, the pain though continues to grow.... i told president everything about all that had happened and he examined all of my knee and told me that he thinks i have internal muscule or ligament injury! which would require an MRI... i am not going to go into detail with the rest of the night but i suffered through the pain and received a ton of strength from my father in heaven.

this morning is pday and i am in the office still, but since we are in transfers the office is crazy!!!! everyone in the office is changing and everyone is training and its nuts here! i have been on crutches all day and havent been able to walk! its qutie the pain in the butt.. we are starting to help the infection, but as the words of president chipman...we arent out of the woods yet... there is a lot of fluid in my leg.

right now i am sitting at the office computer passing my internet time... please dont freak out about this we are all watched over by our father in heaven and i know all will be ok. all i want you to do is keep me in your prayers and when you hear from me you will hear from me.... ok!!!! love you all!!!!

here is the kicker.... we are treating the infection right now and tonight i am going to see a specialist to take the MRI and see if i need surgury for ligament damage!!!! i dont think i do we just cant explain the pain.... its soooooo bad hahaha but ill be ok! we dont know anything of options right now but i do know that if i need surgury i will see you all soon, but i am not going to lie, i dont want to see you all soon! i will see you all in a year and a half!!!! we will find out more about the MRI tonight when its done and in a few days when we have results!

please i cant stress this enough.... DO NOT FREAK OUT ABOUT THIS EMAIL I AM JUST INFORMING YOU!!!!

i dont know what is going to happen to me because i am supposed to be training a new missionary starting wednesday but i may be here or in the hosptial.... to keep taking some tests.

my future is unsure right about now, but having pondered each and every which way i think this may turn out i have come to one diffinitive decission. whatever happens it is the will of the lord. i have served him with all my heart might mind and strength to the point where i could not physically do so, and i WILL continue to work and serve him until i am in the grave if needs be!!!!

we will find out more about this as it comes we are playing it by ear and i dont have anymore information as of right now if i get some exciting news tonight i will write you all again so that you can be updated!!!!

CONGRATES ZACH ON YOUR ENGAGMENT!!!! IN ALL SINCERIDAD I HOPE IM NOT THERE FOR YOUR WEDDING AND YOU KNOW WHY! i have other things to take care of here in the service of the lord!

i love you all and will be on and off internet all night to get this worked out!


love you all!!!!

elder davis

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