Monday, January 30, 2012

email from 1/30

Well Hello Everyone!

This week has been full of a lot of ups and some recent downs, but as with any life we keep pressing on.... it is so good to hear from you all and i love reading your letters and emails! i miss you all and i miss the snow like you wouldnt beleive haha when you never feel a chilling sensation for half a year you start to miss it!

Well This week was really interesting because my zone, the zone Tumbes, had a conference with President and Hermana Chipman and it was amazing!!!! we have been studying a lot about the atonement! i love this event, i have learned so so so so much that i never would have thought of before or just didnt take the time to think about or learn! one thing that i love about the atonment is taht we are taught that Christ suffered for each and every single person who has ever lived or will ever live individualmente!!!! haha i dont remember how to say that word in english sorry! he suffered for every sin that i have ever or will comitt and every pain without thinking about anyone else, in this single moment christ paid the ultimate price only for me, and you too!!! i love it! i can study all day every day and never know enough about it!

well this week has been really good for us elders here in zarumilla!!! Elder Castillo and i Had 4 Baptisms this week in 3 different services!!!!!!! we are so happy for the progress we are making here!
our first baptism was with 2 jovenes named William Martin More Chero and his sister Maryuri More Chero! william is 10 and maryuri is 15! from the get go they were really interested and receptive to our lessons and they progressed so fast! from the day we met them we baptised them 2 weeks after! haha it was such a spiritual experience and i know the lord has prepared people like them to listen to our message and who are ready to make these covenants with Dios! My Comp doesnt like to baptize and so i had the privalage to baptize all of our investigators!!!!

next we had the baptism of a young girl whose father was an inactive member and we worked really hard to get him off the booze!!! it was a long process and a lot of work but he finally did it and was worthy to baptize his daughter! when she came up out of the water he started to weep and he told me after that he felt clean himself and he knows that one day he and his daughter will live in the presence of god! it was so so so amazing!!!!

our last baptism from the week was a sister named Karla Tigre, she is 22 and a mother soltera ( i dont know that word in english either) sorry.... anyway she is really shy and really timid and when it came down to it she didnt want to get in the water and we were talking to her and praying with her for 20 minutes while the people in the service were waiting paciently! finally she stepped up and did it! every time we have the opportunity to perform a baptism there is something different about the day! we are on a spiritual high knowing that we helpped one of gods children return to his fold!!!

one of the other amazing miracles i was a part of this week was with a member named Maria Gamboa! she is divorced and works to take care of her 2 hijos! 9 years ago she overcame cancer and was living perfectly, this week she found out that it is back and she is in alot of pain, we went to visit her and something happened to my comp... he froze and didnt say a word the entire time we were there!!! it didnt bother me and i just starting to speak!!! and something amazing happened!!!! when we started to speak, we were speaking in english!!! i heard every word that she was saying and every word i was saying in english and i could express myself freely and with great emotion! while i was talking with her i just started to speak, i didnt have a clue what i was saying or why i was saying it, 2 scriptures came to my mind! juan 16:33 which teaches us, in this world we will have afflictions but confide in christ he has overcome the world! when i shared that she started to cry, and then instantly the story of the lady with the blood sickness in matthew popped into my mind, when she touched the clothing of christ she was healed because of her faith! i talked and she talked and she cried and at the end of it all she we gave her a blessing, i dont remember to this point in time a single word of the blessing i said, but when i said amen, with tears in her eyes she told me she knew all would be ok, because while i was giving her the blessing christ spoke to her!!!! wow so powerful!!!

another thing this week was that our pension... or the hermana in the ward that cooks for us was in the hosptial for 2 days, she is like our mom of the mission and she does everything for us! while she was in the hospital we visited her, the lady next to her crashed and died while we were sitting at her bed side, we got the rare but amazing opportunity to tell this poor lady not to cry not to worry, she too soon would be with god! i dont even know her name and she made such a hug impact on my life!!!! the mission is nothing but unexpewcted experiences!!!

well got to go i love you all!

love elder davis

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