Sunday, December 4, 2011

Email From 10/21/2011

Hey Everyone!

Well this has been an exciting first week here south of the border! first off it is hard to realize that you are over 4.000 miles away from home and everything here is an entirly different culture than what i am used to at home. We arrived in Lima at close to one o}clock in the morning and no one speaks english so that is a different culture shock right away haha we got here to the ccm in lima and got right to work. well technically it was just after 2 am in the morning and we went right to bed but had to get up still at 6:30... im going to apologize in advance because my english is already struggling because i am used to thinking and doing everything in spanish and so it is hard for me to type in english..

Well things here are very much different. our CCM president (CCM is MTC) was in the navy and his first words were ... i run a tight ship around here... he isnt kidding either. there are so many rules here you cant even begin to understand them all... and they are strange too. only one companionship per class during study time, i didnt know about this and me and the other new elders didnt follow this one on the first day, for breaking rules you have to run laps around the CCM. i had to run 5 laps... now i know not to do that one again right. Also here it is very very impolite to eat in public and to not finish all the food that you get so it is very important for us to eat everything that we are given, you will all be so excited to hear that for every single meal we have chicken and rice! haha nothing else.... but the food here is still amazing and i love the culture... we all have latin companions who dont speak english and some of us dont speak spanish well enough to understand. one elder was struggling particularly and apparently ive been doing well because they put me in the advanced group and now im in a trio so that i can help this elder understand spanish. everyone calls me chino becuase i am asain or they call me the translator because i can understand the latins it is kinda funny.. we are required to read the book of mormon during our stay here either in english or in spanish, i chose spanish to help me learn faster... i am in mormon and will be done by this weekend! and I LEAVE FOR THE FEILD ON TUESDAY!!!!!! im so pumped.

well we got the great opportunity to go tracking on saturdays so we are going again tomorrow, it is such a cool experience! we are talking to real people who dont know anything about the gospel!!! this was the best ever, we got in to a home of catholics and they were very sceptical but none the less liked to hear our message, we challenged them to read the book of mormon and attend church on the first visit, they accepted and we got a return appointment for the elders in this area. after taht i was so excited me and my comp were just going to everyone we could find and talking to them! here people love asains for some reason and it helped me at our next home, senora teresa was the next contact that let us into her home. she is soooooo friendly, she said her husband was asain and had passed away and that i reminded her of him. when we entered her house she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, kind of weird when you are a missionary not gonna lie..... but she was none the less awesome!!!! we talked to her for an hour all about christ and the book of mormon and the was great! we gave her a book of mormon and she was so excited to read it and she wanted us to come back but we had to get her contact info and give it to the other elders... we are going again tomorrow and i will have more to report later.

pday here is different, we get to walk around the city and go to the lima temple today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha and we are going to talk to the poeple so see whats up in this joint! for all you justin beiber fans out there he was here in lima the other night and gave a concert right next to the CCM, he is a nice kid.... we got to chat with him a little and i gave him a book of mormon!!!! haha scratch preach the gospel to a celebrety off my bucket list right! haha

Also yesterday during soccer i got kneed in the leg and ruptured a vein in my leg and it swelled up with blood to the size of a soccer ball! everyone was kinda freaked out but i thought it was awesome! it is starting to go down a little bit now but it is still big. i got a picture just for you mom! your gomma love it!!! haha

well i have to go for now i have the temple but later i think we will have time during our pday to get back on ill check back in with you all then!

love you all!!!

elder davis

p.s. dad i wear your yellow tie anytime i do something cool! so yes your tie has preached the gosple in south america and is going to go in the lima temple and has flown over 6 countries!!!

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