Sunday, December 4, 2011

Email From 10/31

well hello everyone how are you doing...

well i am here in my first area in the misison feild, it is called zarumilla. it is 5 hours north of piura, i live 7 minutes from the boarder of equador. it is very hot here and this is a very modest place. everyone is quite poor and very thankful for what they have been given in this life. the people are amazing and it is deffinetly humbling being here and not in the states. it is weird to think about. well my comp is elder ipaz he is from columbia he is a really good trainer, he is teaching me the language and i hope to pick it up pretty quick. we have 5 investigators with baptismal dates this month but peruvians are really easy to make promises but harder to keep them, where i am it is really hot and there are nothing but motorcycle taxies here, i think i have seen about 5 cars since being here. they are all crazy drivers too! i love it i wish i got to drive here on my mission. well im sorry about last week they didnt give us time to email.. this is my dia de preparacion, good ole monday

well things here are good, very humble living circumstances and we dont have water during the days and our toilet is kind of broken, you would never imagine how much of a blessing indoor plumbing is until you dont have it... also we teach in little shanties with tin roofs and they are sooooo dang hot, you are just sitting there sweating like crazy tyring to preach the gospel! i love it it is so fun! haha living here makes me appriciate all the stuff that i had when i was in the states that i took advantage of!

well our pensanista is awesome! the food here is amazing but the water is very scarse and you cant drink or use water around here becuase it is not safe! kinda sketchy but hey if i get a parisite them im gonna get all skinny hahahaha jk...

we are allowed to send 4 letters home a month to anyone so i will try to get some letters out when in have time so that you all can havw the mission address but it is hard when you have so little time becuse you are always doing the lords work and spreading his message.

the latin culture is very different and it takes some getting used too.... modesty here means nothing!!! its sketchy, women and men walk around a little more scandalous here and the breat feeding in public sure is different!!!

we were asked to speak in sacrament meeting being that it was my first sunday and they people in the ward were really receptive, i spoke in my broken spanish and everyone was very kind about it! also everyone here loves the fact that i am asian hahah a loit of people call me chinito... which essentially is " little chinese boy" hahaha

this is such a different experience than i have ever had but it is the best one of my life! i love the mission!!!! if anyone reads this and is debating to go on a misison or not GO GO GO GO GO!!!!

well i have some pictures for you and will try to get them sent home so that you all can see what it is like here! a lot of you would love this place and a few of you wouldnt haha mom you wouldnt be able to handle driving here! haha jk i love you!!!

well times up and you will hear from me next week i love you all!!

elder davis

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