Sunday, December 4, 2011

Email From 11/28/2011

Well i hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

well there wasnt a whole lot exciting that happened this week....

everyday the work continues and i know and can see all the many miracles the lord does for us each and everyday, we are having such a hard time being successful here, this is a newish area and there hasnt been a baptism here in over 6 months!!! wow thats crazy! there are four elders heere and in that amount of time no baptisms... we have been fasting and praying so hard to have success and we are yet to see the results, but we dont get down heartened because we know that one day soon we will find it...

this week my compainion got really really sick and on friday he couldnt hardly walk so we didnt get a whole lot of productive work done which always gets me a little frustrated, when i woke up on saturday he was so sick he couldnt even get out of bed!!!! i was very flustered at this`point but took the opportunity to knee in fervent pray for support. i call hna chipman the presidnets wife and asked what we should do, we got medicine and he was told to spend the whole day in bed, i would have an entire day to study, this was a good and bad thing. i wanted all day to leave and go knock on a door or teach a lesson or talk to someone about this great gosple but i couldnt leave my companion.... so i took the time to read mateo, marcos, lucas, and juan in spanish in the new testiment..,.. the bible is SOOOOO good! if you havent read the bible recently i would encourage you to do so! it is amazing all about the life and works of christ and you learn so much.

one of the many miracles this week happened just last night, my companion and i were in a bit of a heated discussion about obedience and we decided to take a break and relax for a minute, beiung that he is talking really fast in spanish and i cant say everthing i want to in spanish and get upset. i was inspired that zach had given me a libro de mormon for my birthday and that he wrote his testimony in it, i went and got it and read it... he said i dont care if your zone leaders, district leaders, or senior comps are lazy YOU WILL NOT BE!! dont ever stop, when you want to take a 5 minute break RUN to the next door! dont only return with honor show god your honor each and every day of your mission, then you will have success! it was perfect! i read it several times over! then when my comp and i deceided to talk about it agian i read it to him, translating it into spanish and simply said, this is what we need. he agreed!!!! the testimony of one successful ex- elder helpped inspire us to do and be our best! we will continue to press on!

this is the last week of the cambia and it is transfers coming up, so we will all find out when or if we are getting transfered... it is crazy you live 6 weeks at a time in one place and then possibly move to the next...

well the language is coming slowly but surely, i have given quite a few talks in church on the spot and it is starting to become a game for them. they all call me chinito or elder gringo! they love when i talk for some reason, i have good grammer and accent they just think its funny to see an asain american speaking spanish! haha oh boy...

well it is just getting to the hot time of the year here where it rains alllllllll the time and it is 120 degrees!!! ha and the masquitos are terrible!!! dengea is one of the most common forms of death here! so we are all taking the right messures so that we dont get any of that.... but parasites thats another story, eating at members houses is always sketchy because they never really wash anything really well or things like that and a lot fo the food is contaminated, so its not if we get a parasite is WHEN, i love it!!! haha life on the mission is awesome, living in a foregin country. no one speaks english and you are forced to learn how to communicate in another language! every day is full of the spirit! and idk there is nothing better!

well i love you all and have to go!

till the next time!

elder davis

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