Monday, December 5, 2011

Email from Elder Davis 12-5-2011

Well hello everyone!!!!

How was everyones Thanksgiving and Holiday activities?!

Well this week we went to a zoo thingy on the boarder of Equador in a little town called Auguas Verdes!!! we took some sweet pictures with the monkies and the penquins and the bears and stuff! i am sending them out today and i hope you all get them! i wrote and am sending Christmas cards so you all can get a specialized little update haha
not a whole lot has happened this week, when we were at the zoo thing there was one of the monkies who had a chain around its waist because he was the bad monkey! he was chasing us around trying to swing the chain at us! Que Loco!!! haha we went with one of the Investigators who lives at the pensionista se llama Manuel. he is really funny we are with him all the time and he is one of our best friends here in zarumilla, well one of the monkies was playing with us and he wasnt watching and the monkey climbed up the bar and peed on him! haha it was so funny we all wish we would have got pictures of it but we missed it! we played with some penguins and a bear they were pretty cool!
i miss the cold! haha its getting hotter and hotter here and never seems to cease! we are all dying of heat and walking miles and miles everyday! thats the life of a missionary! i love it! i write in the good ole journal everyday exactly what i am feeling, its funny when i read it becuase it is like an emotional roller coaster! one day i am so happy and everyhing is going so well and the next day we dont have any success and get spit on or chased by dogs or the local gangs try to rob us, its so funny! but everything is going great! mom would you please send in the next package some carry sized pepper spray or something to that effect that would really be helpful! thank you so much!

well this is the end of my first transfer here in the mission... the time here is all different, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days! during the day while you are walking in the scoldding heat is feels like forever, thats why you work work work to pass the time away, we only have 2 years why waste it right! the weeks fly by and everytime i look at my watch it is the end of the week or another week has gone by!!! i miss you all so much! it is super fun here, no one speaks english and i am forced to speak spanish all the time!!! i am learning so quickly, i can understand almost everything and can say whatever i please for the most part. it is really cool to think that i can speak in another language! before the mission i would hear people speak in spanish and think wow thats so strange what the heck are they saying it sounds like juimble... but now thats how i feel when i write or speak or read english! I tried to pray in english the other day, i teach english classes for the ward every saturday and we were learning how to pray, i tried to pray in english and it was a disaster! i couldnt remember half the words i wanted to say and finally reverted back to spanish! haha it is so weird to think about it...

well the other elders who were in zarumilla had a baptism this week and it was really fun to be a part of! i love attending baptisms! they really are one of the most amazing things in the entire world! the church is so different here though, the reverance level here during sacrament is like primary in the states and there are people talking on the phone and popping ballons and doing all this weird stuff, thats just the culture here, and everything starts late! if you arent 30 minutes late you arent peruvian haha i received a letter from elder andersen in chiclayo this week! we are writting back and forth a little to get the mission updates! he is doing fantastic and had his first baptism his first week! wow how amazing! also this week we found the perfect investigator! golden! her name is matilda she is 60 and was taught all the lessons 4 years ago! but she couldnt get baptized because here marrige paperwork is faulty, we are working to fix it and she would like to be baptized this month! we have 7 baptisms scheduled and we are hoping that 1 of them goes through!

well i am dropping weight like i have it to loose! i think i have gotten my first good ole parasite here in PERU!!! haha heck ya the first one is always the hardest! i am always hungry!!! and for some reason loose all energy exactly 2 hours after eating! and the other day i felt something moving in my stomach! hahah it was a little creepy but i figure there is no leaving this place without one so i might as well embrass it! but no need to be worried all will work and and i am going to be just fine! i love hearing from all of you and am so greatful for your letters it is nice to hear whats going on in the good ole united states! haha

well thats all i can think of if i think of something else i will send it next week! love you all got to go!

elder davis

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