Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hola como esta mi familia!!!

well today is the first real day here in the ccm in Lima, Peru....

Let me tell you about the trip! i woke up at 4 am early yesterday morning and got dressed and showered and all prepared for the day to come. I reported to the travel office at 4 45 where i received my visa and passport and travel information! there were 11 elders flying to peru and 2 sisters, i was put in charge to be the travel leader and it was a lot of comotion! haha we got on the bus and left just after 5 a.m. then traveled on the bus an hour to the airport and i passed home and everything! it was such a flash back to the civilian life i'll tell you that much! then when we arrived we checked all our luggage and got our tickets and went to the gate, people were making calls home and getting setteled to travel across the country!!! Elder Farnsworth and myself went to go get breakfast in the air port!!!! it was so fun, people love missionaries people always talk to us and are so friendly! when we went to check out the guy in front of us said he wanted to buy our breakfast, he wouldnt let us pay. he was very generous and we thanked him greatly. then we boarded after eating and spent the next 4 hours crossing the country and landing in Atlanta Georgia! it was humid and hot and we were all still so scattered, but we kept track of everyone and everyone got all their needs met and made the next flight just fine. We called home ...sorry if i was unable to call you we only had a few moments to use the phone and they were very expensive to use.... when we landed we were all planning on going to get lunch, a man stopped us and said he wanted to buy us all lunch!!! wow there were 13 of us, we kept thanking him and declining but he wouldnt have it! he got 10 pizzas and 4 boxes of wings and drinks for all of us! that is quite the bill....but he was so generous, then after he paid and then took off without saying a word.... the lord is deffinetly looking out for us while we are wearing these tags. Then i ran into a service men, named patrick, we had about a 10 minute talk before we took off from salt lake to georgia, when i got off the plane in georgia he handed me a letter that he had written while on the plane. in the letter he explained that i had a huge spirit about me and that i would to wonders in peru, he quoted a scripture and told me i was a giant amongst men, it was such an amazing letter i kept it in my journal! then we boarded and took off to peru! it was such an amazing flight! i flew over so many amazing places and you would not beleive the sites i got to witness... a purple sunset above the dark clouds while a thunnder strong loomed below us!!! the cracks of lightning light up the sky! it was awesome and we watched the waves just beat down on eachother!!!! i will never fortget that picture... We arrived at the airport and there were sooooo many poeple there and no one speaks english so we relied on our spanish to get around i love this place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more than anything!!!!! i never want to leave! the culture is so deifferent. driving is INSAINE!!! people fly all over and their horn is their favorite thing ever!!! non stop beeeep beeep beeep!!! wild dogs are everywhere and the buildings are all rundown and some are burnt and just look like nothing i had ever seen before it is suck an amazing place to be!!!! if you picture rio in brazil, the large mountains with building climbing the hills! thats this place! the mtc is awesome the rooms are like hotels and they have the coolest veiws... i took pictures so dont you worry, sooner or later ill have them sent out. the food is phenomanal!!!! i love it, they have real chefs cooking for us and it is amazing, but the rules here are super super strict, we arent even aloud to shake hands or touch eachother and stuff its intense. but i love it. my spanish is better tahn i had anticipated i can talk with the locals just fine, i was pleased my that. the money here are soles...its 2.7 soles to the dollar. its so amazing how things work here, temp is in celcius and everything is in kilometers and idk its a whole new world to me! i dont even think i can do it justice describing it without you being here! i wish you were though! this the greatest experience of my life! and i am gonna live here for 2 years!!!! we get to go to the lima temple next week and i will take some good pictures then and sooner or later get the memory card sent home. i love this place and this people more than anything, you can never know how blessed you are until you see a place like this, basic things are huge privillages, i have been and will continue to be truley humbled....this is the greatest life anyone could every live...i will never forget this experience.

i love you all and miss you sooooo much, i am 4000 miles from you but i hope you can still feel my love!

times up!!! idk whats next but it time to have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Skyler Chaz Davis

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