Sunday, December 4, 2011

Email from 11/14/2011

Well hello everyone!

how are you all doing? this week has been an adventure that is for sure!

first off i found out that we live kiddie corner to a cock fighting house and every saturday and sunday night they have fights and we can hear all the screaming and chanting and excitment! here it is really normal for that to be your profession a trainer and cock fighter! weird huh..

this week our bed broke and we have been having some fun times with that and all that it intells to have 4 elders living in the same room, zarumilla is very hot and we are all doing really well gettin tan and sweating off every ounce of fat on our bodies so things are pretty good here.

we have been doing tons of service here! we have been digging holes for bathrooms and building houses, painting and stripping houses and my favorite one... today our bishop asked us to skip p-day and work with him in the "campo" this means feild, and we are talking about the crop feilds! where? in Equador!!! hahaha heck ya we worked with him all this morning in the bananna groves, mango groves, papaya and all this way good stuff and we took some good pictures for you all to see and i will send them as soon as i get a chance.

this week we had a investigator named Hernando have his interview to be baptised with our mission president, presidnet chipman.. we were all really nervous for this one becuase he had confessed to a grave sin and we didnt know what action the presidnet was going to take since it took place so long ago. but as soon as he went in we knelt down and prayed as fervently and as sincerly as we could, an hour later the interveiw was over. Hernando is in need of more time to prepare. he attends church everyweek and calls himself a mormon, but his baptism date is this MAY so we are all excited for that time and will continue to do our best to work with him and his needs.

also monica is a 16 year old who is living with and dating the son of the bishop! she is doing so well and wants to be baptized but first needs to get married to live within accordance to the law of chastity and so we are working diligently on getting them married and we hope to talk to her dad this week and seek his permisison since she is a minor and can not wed without his permission.

her mom Rosa came to talk to us the other day because she had concerns about her daughter joining the church and was upset. as soon as we met her there was this great spirit in the room and she started to cry and told us her life story and all these different things. the lesson we taught was one of the best lessons we have ever taught and wer know the spirit was speaking through us. she accepted a baptism date for the 27th that very same day! lesson 1 with us! wow!!!

when we got to church this sunday the bishop asked me if i would prepare a talk for sacrament which was starting right then!!! haha oh boy! well that is the great thing about being a missionary this is what we do all day every day and i was prepared! i spoke for more than the time i was told and felt the assistance of the gift of tounges in the moment in which i needed it most! the miracles we see everyday here are countless. ive been asked to give a bunch of blessings and i feel so overwhelmed becuase i cant speak spanish but as soon as i put my hands on that persons head its like i am fluent. the lord just speaks and i am his micraphone! it is so amazing!

well tonight at midnight we are traveling to Piura for meetings with the President! 5 hour bus ride in the middle of the night!!!! sweet! haha there is nothin glike the life of a missionary! we love every moment! we will return on wednesday night and cant wait to see whats going on in the other part of the mission.

well this is deffinetly the hardest thing i have ever done. you learn to love the people with all your strength and soul.... when someone is hurting you feel pain for them and when someone chooses to not accept the gosple you hurt inside because you know what they are loosing and it is one of the saddest things ever. you have to learn here that rejection is an everyday thing. we dont have a problem with it, we have been spit at, cursed at, chased, robbed, all kinds of crazy stuff, but we wear the name of our lord and savior jesus christ and he proctects each and everyone of us! we have no fear because we are doing the lords work and know that what ever happens is his will.

our pensionista has the cuttest little girl, her name is Risley Lou, we are there 3 times a day for all our meals and are basically part of the family.... Risley plays with us every meal, she is just learning how to walk and is soooooooooooooooooo adorable! haha

well thats all for me and my time is up! still need to write the president! got to go!

love you all!
D.C 88:63

Elder Skyler Chaz Davis

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