Monday, December 19, 2011

email from 12-12

Well Hello Everyone!

this has been qutie the week, i have now finished my first 3 months and first transfer and we are close to the new year! what an exciting time of the year yay! here the weather never stops getting hotter and we are just baking here, it is a different experience to be dripping sweat and teaching in a small dirt hut and be teaching the restauration! but it is the best ever!!!!! there is nothing greater than the mission it is the hardest thing in the entire world but it is also the most rewarding!!!

this week we witnessed a very intense car chase between the police and 3 armed suspects! it was soooo cool, they were drifting all over the place in the dirt and the suspects hopped the curb and crashed the front of the bumper but kept going! haha they pulled out and got away from the cops! it was so funny, but they went north to a small town by equador and were caught there! justice at its finest!

we had interveiws with the Presidnet this week and he is really excited for me and elder ipaz because we are getting along a lot better and starting to see great results! This sunday we will be holding the baptismal service for Liced and LLovana Huamani! they are 9 year old twins, their mother is a inactive and their father is an investigator! they attended church this week and after we met with their father and received permission to baptise them! it is so awesome! they asked me to preform the ordinance so i will be having my first baoptisms this sunday! pray hard for me!!! haha i was told by a stepbrother of mine ...travis holtby... that my first baptisms would need to be for him! we made a sign and are going to take a picture with the girls and me in the baptismal clothes and send it to you!!! these are for you buddy! i love you!!!! haha

also we are working with the goverment to fix matrimony papers for a seƱora named Matilda, she is an old old investigator from 5 years ago who lost contact with the church becuase she couldnt be baptised with the problem in her paperwork! so we are doing everything possible to help! we think we have a solution and she is going to get baptised in january or febuary! we are praying very fervently for her and her pareja!

we have an investigator named william who is great! we meet with him almost everyday and he has a fetcha for the 25th! CHRISTMAS!!!! we are so excited! we are going to a multi zone conference in talara which is 3 hours away on the 23rd and then hurrying back here for the service! we hope all goes as according to plan and he is baptised!!!!

we got 2 new missionaries! one from nicaragua and the other is from argentina! they are great! elder silva and martinez! matrinez is new and this is his first area like me! i got to go on splits with him and help train him! it was so fun! haha i think after this transfwer i might be training!!! woot woot! after this transfer i have to fly back to lima for a few days to go to interpol to get all of my paperwork settled so i can stay in the contry! i think we get to go to the lima temple again! that would be way fun! i love the temple!!!!!!

we are known for having a terrible room here in good ole zarumilla and we got permission from the presdient to change rooms! we are all so so so excited! we are looking for a room right now and think we found one taht would be amazing and better invite the spirit and we could pass help codes! haha if they existed here!

welll this week i got asked by an investigator if i would marry her! hahahaha her name is Rosa she is what we here call a serpiente, or snake! the girls here are a lot more up front about things, a very common thing for the missionaries is to get...ched... this is when the girls in the street go ch ch ch ch ch, this signafies naughty things and we keep walking! ha i had to decline the invitaion to get married as hard as it was hahahah and we are all getting a good laugh about it here! the life of a missionary changes everyday!!!!

well i am making good progress with the language and can speak and understand just about everything, the people when they ask me where i am from i always say lima! haha and then when i mess up on something gramatical or pronunciation they make me confess! it is qutie fun! i am as dark as all the latins and look the part! i love it here!

well i think that this is all for now! i wish you all the best this week and love you all!


elder davis

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