Monday, January 16, 2012

email from 1-9-2012

Hello Everyone!

Well first off we are working our hardest here to get the missionary work together in full force with our members who have been struggling to help us and also for themselves... We here in Zarumilla have approx. 47 attending members! wow when i think about it thats nothing compared to back home! but we have been working really really hard to invite people to come to church! we have been working really hard with the less actives to reactivate them so that they can enjoy thegospel once again in their lives! well this week we had over 200 attending members and investigators and it was the first time that i have seen the chaple filled since i have been here and the bishop was just beeming with happiness! haha finally we are getting the dead little town of Zarumilla back on its feet so that the Chruch can grow and prosper here! that was one of the best feeling in being here we quadrupled that attendance in Zarumilla.

Well we also have been trying our hardest to do service for our members and investigators and boy have we had all the oppertunites in the world! haha first off we got to destroy a house and rebuild a new one!!! a whole house! haha since i am from the states the whole day the family was callling me ty penninton or whats that guys name from extereme ghome makeover! haha they loved it and thought it was the funniest thing ever! but i took good pictures and hope soon you can all see them!

also we are helping move one of our investigators from one house to another and we have been clearing brush and weeds and things in this plot of land so that he can move there and thats been really fun, we are all getting really really dark because the sun is really strong here and so one of these days im going to look peruvian, well apart from my asainess! haha

the other day we had a 6 hour service project, well ok it was just me and my comp that came, but we built an entire roof for this house!!! it was really good physical labor and reminded me of working in the oil feild! good times!!! well this family is the family of the twins that we just baptised and their dad hasnt been really open to us at all to listen to the message or really even be near us, but when he found out that we could help him make this roof he was thrilled! and six hours and a few incidents later we finally gained his confidence and he is open to listening to us now!

we have transfers this week and i dont know if i am going to be training here in zarumila or if i am going to be being transfered to another area!!! well we have transfers the 16th of this month and i hope Manuel is open to the missionaries now that we gaind his confidence if we are transfered out of here!

There is a young man named Javier Reyes! he lives here in zarumilla but was serving inmexico for his mission, he came home this week due to some complications and wont be retrning for a while and it is very sad to see but he is taking all the right steps as he should and getting to once again prepare to serve the lord. this is one of the greatest if not the greatest life ever and it is hard to see it taken form someone but we are helpping him get back on his feet and return when the time comes!

well today i got a letter form elder holtby i havent had the time yet to read it but i will let you all know what it says in the next week!

so that was all the ups for the week and here is the down! right now i am in the mission office in Piura becausei was emergency sent here due to some medical dificulties! haha in other more simpler words, the other day i was bit by a spider while i was sleeping on my right cheek and its SUPER infected and really gross! Aside from the infection and pain and what not the problem is that it is taking a strange toll on my body. for the past 3 days i have had LOCK JAW really bad and cant seem to overcome the problem, so this morning Hna. Chipman the Presidents wife, told me i had to be sent here to Piura to get medical treatment. i just got done seeing a doctor but im in good ole peru, so the only way to fix it he told me was to take medicine and wait! haha he told me that if the infection worsened with the medicine and i continued to have the problems with my jaw i would return and then they would look into surgury!!! haha sweet! getting facial work done by a little peruvian doctor! haha well in all seriousness i got a blessing and am hoping that in a few days this will pass and that i can return to my area and finish my time there! but i will keep you all updated with that when the time comes! dont stress about it though we have good medics here and we always have the lord on our side so im not all that worried. just want it to be over with it isnt pleasant!!!

well i love you all and miss oyu all!

until next time!

elder davis

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