Monday, January 30, 2012

email from 1/22

Well Hello Everyone!

This week has been a busy one for us here in the Mission Peru Piura! We had transfers this week and i finished training with Elder Ipaz! we had a lot of ups and downs in our companionship but the lord knew that i needed him as a comp and i did learn a lot from him. i have learned over the past few months how short our time in this life really is, the smallest little things used to bother me and i would get so so frustrated over nothing! if we stop and think about our life on this earth and the fact that the lord has promised us Eternal Life! these small things dont matter!!! i learned to relax and let the little things in life go and just focus on other things that are more important!

well my new companion is elder castillo he is from Lima Peru!!! HE is such an amazing elder i am so suprised! he is a recent convert of a year and a half and his family told him that when he joined the church that they would disown him for good. since the day of his baptism his family doesnt communicate much with him and didnt even know he was on a mission till 3 months after he was in the mission feild!!! wow! but his testimony is so so so so so so powerful! and we are super super strict on the rules! he is teaching me a lot! there are rules i didnt even know existed, well idk still if they are real but i follow them anyway! haha cant hurt to be even more careful huh!

this week we have been working really really hard! we have a ton of investigators with baptism dates and thats great because we ahve been really trying to focus in baptism recently! this week we have 4 different baptisms and they are all investigators that i have been teaching from before and now with elder castillo he is helpping me so so much! i learn so much from him! everyday i learn more than 10 ways to better myself i love it! well we are praying and fasting really fervently for all of these baptisms! we have had a lot of success here and in this transfer we have 11 investigators with dates so we are all really excited for that!

Well the language is coming along, i havent seen another person who speaks english in a long time!!!! haha so im forced to communicate in spanish and now im even thinking and dreaming in spanish! haha its quite the experience! i tried to pray the other day in english and i couldnt! i cant remember the words so i just said it in spanish! ots really interesting that you can learn another language and be an effective missionary in such a little amount of time!

well i love you all so so so much and hope you are all doing amazing!

love elder davis

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