Monday, January 16, 2012

email from 1-16-2012

Hello Everyone!

well its good to hear from all of you this week and im glad to hear that everyone is doing so well during this time of the year!

well update on the good ole spider bite, i was bit on the face by some kind of spider and we do not know what type it was but due to the poison i had a bad reaction, hence the lock jaw effect, but i went to the doctor in Piura and got on some medicine that helped me over come that and now i am healing as i should, it was quite the site to see though. After the doctors visit i was released to return to work in my area with instructions and medicine i received there, the doctor told me that it a few days that the bite would grow and get really big and white and then that would be the time to pop the thing! and he was right! haha i forgot to take pictures because it was so gross i didnt even want to remember it!!! haha but it grew and i popped it and all the elders in my zone got quite the kick out of it! right now there is just a small whole where all the hardened poison and stuff left and im puting medicine on it and taking care of it so i can get it all healed and taken care of like it should. im doing great and no one needs to worry, everything is going just fine and i will be better soon!

well today is transfers! my companion elder ipaz is being transfered and i have been assigned a new comp who will come here in a day or two, we added anopther area to Zarumilla and we are hoping that we continue to ahve more and more success this transfer here... i have 7 baptisms lined up for these next few weeks and im praying really really hard that they all follow through and they are all baptised! we had the baptism of an investigator yesterday! his name is Jose Marcos Curai Peña! he is an 80 year old farmer here and is one of my favortie people who we have ever come in contact with! he is so loving and such an amazing person! when he came up out of the water he began to cry... we asked him what was wrong and if he was ok! he told us that the moment that he left the water he felt something warm fall all around him as if the lord and savior himself were hugging him!!!!! wow what an amazing experience it was!!! i am so glad that i got to be a part of this change in his life!

we began the raining season here!!! since ive been here everyone has been telling me to wait till the rain comes because its going to be the biggest suprise and adventure that i will experience and oh boy were they right! it was such a suprise!!! haha the other night we were in an appointment with an investigator about 3 or 4 minutes away from our apartment! all the sudden out of no where and all at once began this storm of rain! im not kidding rain drops the size of coins!!!! i took pictures and videos so you guys can see! but we had to walk home in the rain! it took us 3 minutes running in the rain and by the time we got to the door of the apartment everything we were wearing was soaked! you could see right through our shirts and our shoes were full of water! haha it was such a fun experience, we were so wet that my comps scriptures were wet through his backpack!!! haha

the next morning we had to get up and leave early to go to the houses of our investigators to bring them to church with us!!! the problem with this was that we couldnt walk down the streets because they were all flowwing like rivers and only certain streets here are paved or have sidewalks. most of them are just dirt and so we had to take off our shoes and roll up our pants and get a little dirty!!! haha we were carrying our shoes and just drudging through this muddy river type of stuff and i bet we looked like quite the site to the locals, the missionaries with clean white shirts ties and suit pants with no shoes in the mud! haha i loved it but the future few weeks are going to be a little more messy i have a feeling!

well when iwas returning to zarumilla from piura our good ole bus driver hit a car and a donkey!!! haha in 2 different occasions!!!
we were all trying to sleep because the bus leaves in the middle of the night and you try to get some sleep before the work the next day and all the sudden i feel this thud and the bus driover swerves and we almost hit a building! haha i was in the pack of the bus with my DL and we look out the window and there was a destroyed donkey or burro in the middle of the road and tons of people running to see whatwas going on! haha and like any good peruvian the driver tossed his info out the window and kept going! hahah it trashed the front of the bus and i have good pictures to show you all!

well im out of time and need to go! i love you all and miss oyu all!!!

elder davis

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