Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hola! Como Estan Mis Amigos!

I was very tempted to write this in spanish but i know that only a few would be able to understand what i was trying to say! so i faught against the erge and maybe some other time!

I wanted to start off by wishing good ole Dakaota a HAPPY BIG 18th BIRTHDAY! dang you are an old fart! i sent you a pack of depends in the mail!!! haha ok that wasnt that funny... love you buddy and hope you have a great day tomorrow!

Now on with the letter! This week has been some more ups and downs for me, the lord keeps giving me opportunities to learn and grow in all the areas he and i both know that i need. This week whilst in class Elder Heath got heated during one of our district meetings to clear any disputes or things that upset us during the week... He was a little flustered and Elder Jensen made the suggestion that someone calm him down, i asked him to take a minute to calm himself before we continued the meeting. that again didnt seem to sit well with Elder Heath and he got even moer frustrated and started to yell at me and in the end called me some inappropriate names. took a moment to pause and learned from this last experience and took the opportunity to walk out and go get a quick drink of water before any feelings were escalted! that seemed to be the end of that situation and i thought it was handled well.. 3 members in our district made a pack with one another that whenever they were to speak in english they would be required to carry this large rock around with them where ever they went until another one of the spoke in english to take the rock. the 4 remaining elders myself included deceided to decline from this way of motivation of sorts. During lunch my companion Elder Beus had the rock as a consequence of speaking in english. Then Elder Heath said something and everyone laughed and said your turn to carry the rock. i had just gotten my food and returned to the table upon seeing Elder Heath receive the rock. Elder Farnsworth said you better hope someone speaks in english or you are going to have to take the rock to gym! i said ""oh ya heath you better hope someone does, becuase taking the rock to gym would suck".... i didnt think that that was an over the top statement but i guess to him it was perseived in such a manner. upon hearing this Elder Heath burts into anger as fast as you can flip a light switch! he choose the best way of releasing this anger would be to throw his cookie at me in the middle of the lunch room! i was not expecting this and it was not well received! but i learned to bit my tounge and calm my frustrations agian and simply stated "lets not act like we are in 4th grade and throw food, we are more mature than that." i stood up and walked away...
Well nothing around here goes without a meeting with someone in athority and as you can guess Elder Heath and Myself had meetings with our zone leaders last night... but the difference this time is that since in both situations i was not involved in escalating the situation i was called in to give my side of the story! also my entire district got to give an opinion on the matter and seeing how i was not at fault in these confrentations i didnt receive punishment, none the less i am constantly frustrated with the fact that i am put into these types of situations in which i am seen as a problem elder... i have learned from all of this and have done well keeping my cool.. pray for me though i am having a hard time being with Elder Heath 24/7...
well that was my update on that situation for the week, i pray for you all and hope all is going well at home!

Well we arent allowed to speak in english anymore from this time forth and we are all progressing in spanish quite quickly! we are all learning so much.....

Our teacher had 2 younger sisters one is 20 and one is 18! he told us to write them! i am the only who did! it was a funny letter! i told them how i was raised by pigmes in the sahera and then i moved to sun city and changed my name to flynn rider and then becuase a criminal named vector and all this stuff! i made referance to 8 movies it was super funny!

well my time is up and i have to go!

cant wait to hear from you all and hope all is well!

Elder Skyler Chaz Davis

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