Thursday, September 29, 2011

email from 9/15/2011

Hey Everyone,

How are you doing?

Not a whole lot has been happening around here that is too exciting to tell but we have had some cool experiences.

Tuesday Elder M. Russell Ballard came and spoke to us for our tuesday night devotional and it was an amazing talk, that marks the second Apostle that has come to speak to us since being here in the MTC and all of the leaders are saying that has never happened before so it is really cool. My District leader Elder McKay got pretty sick a while back and he asked me and his companion Elder Heath to give him a preisthood blessing one night, that was an amazing experience and i was stoked for the oppertunity to do so.

I was supposed to leave this week to Peru and some of the elders in my district got their visas, Elder Farnsworth and Myself didnt recieve ours and so everyday we listen for the intercom that comes on and announces all the new visa arrivals hoping one day soon it will be our turn to pack up and head out of here! We are so excited to leave and actually get to experience the outside world and know what it is like to spend time with real investigators and other people who arent all in your same situation.

The Language is coming along just fine and i am hoping that sooner or later i feel good enough to talk to everyone all the time in Spanish, we try to talk as much as possible in spanish here but it is hard sometimes when you dont know how to phrase what you want to say and you are required to find an alternate way of saying things. But i am doing well none the less and we are all progressing with the language and being able to teach by the spirit in a language that none of us know. We are teaching Almicar, he is from Equador and is super catholic so trying to get your lesson across with him is sometimes quite the challange, he is receptive to what we are saying we are just having a hard time getting him to accept a baptismal date. On the other hand we are also teaching Antoino, he is from Cuernavaca Mexico, he is a way cool guy and we really relate, he plays for Cruz Azul a semi professional soccer team down there and loves to paint. His baptismal date is set for Oct, 16th and well see how the lessons keep going, at this rate i am confident we are doing alright.

I am getting pretty good at reading preach my gosple in spanish i think i have read most of it and have done my fare share of marking and i think i might actually be getting there! i know a lot more about the gosple that i did when i got into the MTC and it is amazing what kind of questions you will get from investigators or people that dont believe the same way you do! it really is hard for people to understand what it means to be baptized and a lot of people dont believe they can be forgiven of their sins!

Well Elder Girsh came into the MTC yesterday and i have only seen him once and we didnt get to talk for long so i am keeping my eyes peeled so i can run into him and actually get to talk to him for a bit. Elder Anderson and i are still in the same dorm building and everyday is an adventure its kinda just like at home but in a missionary way, the guys in my room and i found a way to play baseball! its legit! haha we found a ping pong ball and a piece of a tube and we get some intesnse games going on! i love it! you can spin that little ping pong ball like none other!!! We are all getting up early and trying to work out as much as we can. Our entire district refuses to get fat at the MTC and just a little heads up after the first week the food is sooooo old! haha you get sick of eating the same things day after day and none of it is remotely close to healthy for you, but none the less you can complain about 3 square meals a day when there are people who dont even have that.

We do this thing called TRC which is basically like home teaching but we get to meet random volunteers and it is really fun, we meet a sister who was origanally from Germany! she was 96!!!! crazy! Her husband has passed and her whole family growing up was communist! it was interesting to hear some of the stories that she had to share with us! i loved it!

We go to the Provo temple every Thurdsay and our sessions are at 10:20... they are open to the public so they get way busy! today there were a ton of people in there but i love to go and feel the spirit so strong, also we have the temple walks at the provo temple everysunday at 1! so if anyone wants to stop and say hi thats the time! haha jk... but we have meet some interesting people at the temples on sunday!

Well the weather here is getting colder and colder and i love it! we get up every morning at 6 and the temperature is perfect! Mom and Dad would you please send me either my red under armor sweet shirt or my black and grey stripped zip up, either one will work just fine i dont need both. I will be sending home some stuff soon that i dont wish to take with me to Peru as i will have no need for sed items. Things here are good though and we are all just moving day to day!

Well thank you everyone for the mail and for all the wonderful things that you send me i love you all and wish you all the best in all that you do!

Adios con amor,

Elder Skyler Chaz Davis

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