Thursday, September 29, 2011

Email from 9/22/2011

Well Hello Everyone,

This has been an eventful week and i have a few stories to tell, i wasn't going to add this to my email but i feel like i should. The end of last week was a little rocky for myself and another Elder named Elder Heath, for some reason we seemed to be not getting along on all the levels that roommates should be. On Friday night after gym time we were all showering and Elder McKay and myself were locked out by Elder Heath and my companion. We sat out there quite a while in frustration. After being locked out for about 10 or so minutes i started to get very frustrated and pound on the door demanding that they let us in, to no avail. Shortly after Elder Heath decided that it would be funny to poke his head out and crack the door and say "no one is here" or "you cant come in" and then promptly slam the door closed again thus adding to my already existent frustration. After about 3 or 4 times of this occurrence i was about at the end of my rope. I saw the door start to crack open again and slammed into it with my shoulder pretty hard. It then flew open and struck elder Heath in the side of the head, well this seemed to trigger something in him. He lost it and we quickly were engaged in a shouting match, i tried to keep my cool as best as i could till some unkind things were said. i then lost my cool and called him a "p...k" inappropriate yes i know and i regret the decision but none the less it happened. Continuing, That did not sit well with elder Heath and he then abruptly lost it again and charged me when i had turned around to walk into the back of the room. All i could tell of the next few moments was i was thrown to the ground and shortly after received a few sharp punches to the face. As fast as they could elder Mckay and my comp elder Beus ran and grabbed him off of me, none the less he was in quite the rage and pursued me again, this time being stopped by elder Mckay with a quick shout. After i got up i realized what had happened and it was at this point where my anger really set in, he yelled a few things at me and then left the room. At this point this was the side show of all the elders in our floor and everyone was gathered around watching. I excused myself and walked to the far stair well and sat and cried for a while. The full emotion of what had just happened had finally hit me!

After a half an hour or so of sitting on the stairs pondering and praying about what had just happened i went back into my room to be met by Elder Heath, we hashed out the much needed apologies and went on our way being missionaries again. at this point i had thought to myself that it was over and that would be the end of that event, but boy was i wrong. I woke up the next morning with a black eye and some regretful feelings to say the least. Also my pinkie toe had been dislocated and fractured but i quickly popped it back into place with the assistance from my comp. i didn't this much of it and when i woke up the next morning it was all black and crukade! haha no bueno, i iced it and bent it back with a few gross pops and some sharp pains and now i think I'll be ok. i didn't want to go to the doctor, (Mom i know you'd love that last sentence :) love you sorry!!!) As was his responsibility our district leader elder McKay reported to the Zone Leaders who then reported it to our Mission President. I got a call from the front office informing me i needed to report to an interview Sunday. when i arrived elders beus McKay heath and myself all had interviews with out mission president about the event. We sat down one by one and all had emotional interviews and the feelings about the air were grim. when i met with my mission president he told me that i would be as was elder heath required to have a meeting with the district president as i was one of the parties involved in the incident. my heart dropped and i lost all control of my emotions, the next 24 hours would be the deciding factor for me as to whether i would remain an elder or not. my focus and stress that night were visible to those members in my district as we all reported to our dorms that night. i asked for a priesthood blessing from my companion and all of the members in my district. Elder beus gave a wonderful blessing and i was grateful for the opportunity to have been a apart of that.

As you can imagine my night consisted of much prayer and pondering and about 2 hours of restless sleep, when i was awoken on Monday the day of my interview, i was so nervous and scared and all kinds of emotions that i couldn't even eat breakfast or concentrate at gym time, right after gym the speaker in our hall came on and the announcer told elder heath and i to report to the district office building, i was so scared and nervous my heart was wrenched. When we arrived we sat down individually and had our meetings with President Sonnie, he only asked one question, "what happened"? after i had described it heath had his interview and then we went in together. i was fearing that i was going to be sent home, when we got in there he told us that he was very disappointed that it happened but he sees great potential in us and that we would be staying, my heart was full. Elder Heath and i both were overcome with emotion and gratitude. We left that meeting and knelt down for a quick prayer outside.. we were going to be given a second chance....

Now the most important part of this is what i learned from it.... First of all there is never in any circumstance an excuse to use your words or physical strength to solve a problem in a hurtful or harmful way. if Elders heath and myself would have stopped and realized this sooner we would have been ok and calmed down. Second i need to learn to be more patient and more forgiving when things are done against me and not feel like i should react in an aggressive way. Third, the lord has a plan for me, i was given struggles like this to help take what i myself am not strong at and make me stronger, i feel as though since this incident elder heath and myself have come closer to one another and also both learned valuable lessons, "you can not teach the gospel of Jesus Christ or the gospel of love if we first do not exercises that ourselves!"

well that is the main story that i needed to tell for this weeks update, also a few other interesting stories around here... We declared room wars and were having prank wars with each other for a little more added fun. i found out how to break into a room using floss, an envelope, a hanger, and a vacuum! haha it is quite the sight to see! we broke into the other rooms dorm and took one of their beds and wrote a fake cleaning check slip. They never pass their cleaning checks and as a result one of them would loose their bed! they totally bought it and showed everyone! immediately a few rooms down the hall we saw elders cleaning and vacuuming and scrubbing down their room! we were cracking up. after about a half an hour they left to go to the front desk in the main building to look for a mattress, we then promptly put his bed back and made it all nice for him and wrote a gotcha note and left it on his pillow! everyone on our floor was cracking up when they saw us moving it back and making it! When elder Jensen came back and saw his mattress he laughed and we all had a good time. to get back at us they broke into our room and set 4 alarms to go off in the middle of the night and they his them all over the room, we got bested! they got us good and we lost a little sleep that night! but we all had fun!

Russell M. Nelson came to speak with us this Tuesday for our devotional and that makes 3 Apostles in 4 weeks! heck ya we are super lucky and they all gave amazing talks! I didnt know how funny they are... this weeks talk was centered around the October special edition of the Ensign. This months edition is all about the book of Mormon! the history, the stories, the book itself, everything!!! i encourage you all to read it! it was soooooooo good! they gave us all our own copy and asked us to read it before the devotional! i loved it! Also i am reading the BOM in Spanish only and it is SLOW but it adds a new dimension to it! the translation is so much more direct and simple i love it! it gives me a different outlook on the way i study and read the BOM.

Well i still havent heard any news from my Visa and time is just ticking by, i think the reason that it didn't come in the first place was because i needed to learn from all the experiences ta ht the lord had in store for me here! and i know that in time and on the lords time it will come when i am needed to teach the people of Peru!

I love hearing form you all and hope and pray that you are all doing well. thank you for all the letters and packages you are all so supportive and i love you with all my heart! i am out of time for now!

Adios con amor!

Elder Skyler Chaz Davis

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